Our History

CPF College Complex was founded by Dr Eric Ntiamoah Mensah, a medical doctor, a pastor and The Seasoned Women’s Health Advocate in Ghana and the Sub Region.

It was borne out of the passion for quality and excellence in child education for his own children and that of the working parents, especially women and the world at large. He started this project with his children, extended to other kids and his passion brought forth the Baby College which admitted babies right from 6 months to KG2 and then the Junior College (Grade 1 to JHS).

Our excellence in academics, leadership and Christian Values inculcated in our students in the school's state of the art environment attracted many stakeholders and parents including doctors, lawyers, Men of God, administrators, politicians and business leaders, and now we are proud to say CPF College Complex is one of the leading private schools within Ghana with its unique goal of competing with excellence.

The CPF School of Science is the continuation of the vision and the passion. It is a state accredited institution providing the highest standards to its pupils and expecting hard work and dedication to learning in return.

Student Affairs Office (SAO)

CPF School of Science has student Affairs Office. A place where our well trained and highly professional staff serve as a link between the school and parents. Parents are welcome to call the office at any time to arrange an appointment to meet with members of staff or to pass on comments and queries. In addition, the SAO follows up on the Childs emotional and physical well-being, and are frequently called upon to mediate a child’s problem. The student Affairs Office responsibilities include:

To arrange meetings between education and guidance department and parents of students who have learning disabilities.
To contact the parent when a student becomes sick during school hours or school period and arranging transportation if necessary.
To arrange meeting with parents or the parent conference.
To follow up on absent students.
To arrange home visits for those students who are absent from for a specific length of time due to ill-health.
To maintain all the necessary documentation and records that are requires by the M.O.E. and in accordance with good educational practice in international schools.
To maintain computer records for all students.