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Extracurricular Activities - CPF College Complex
Extracurricular Activities

At CPF College Complex we encourage our students to participate in our many extracurricular activities. They help children to develop their skills outside the classroom and become more rounded individuals.

Science Club

This club is for students who love to play with science. Members typically take on a major project and work on it once a week. Some of the projects include innovation, exploration research and science. The CPF Science and Engineering Club allow students to sample and explore different areas of science, engineering and medicine and it also helps them to learn about recent discoveries. Students benefit from several intellectually expanding visits to laboratories, companies and organizations covering a range of science and engineering topics. Overall, this club is perfect for any student interested in science who wants to learn more about a wide range of scientific and engineering topics.

Environmental Awareness

The SEA is responsible for increasing the school's awareness of issues relating to the environment. The group invites speakers to campus, organises an "Eco-Day" during which the school community participates in a campus and community clean-up, runs the campus recycling program, and involves interested students in educational programs at the various levels. In addition, members of the SEA help maintain nature trails on campus and lead nature walks.

Speech & Debate Team

Develop language skills and confidence in our speech and debate team:
1) The Speech and Debate Team completes in interscholastic tournaments. Debates styles include parliamentary and cross-examination.
2) Public speaking styles include after-dinner, persuasive, impromptu, and meets once a week. Committed and consistently involved debaters are eligible for invitations to our TV show!

Rev Petro Mensah's Society

This society promotes Christian fellowship, work, and service. Its members provide volunteer service in support of various charitable organizations and groups in need. Students give their time to voluntarily work and evangelise at schools and other community outreach efforts.

Photography Club

The Photography club welcomes all who enjoy photography, regardless of experience. Photography Club members can take pictures for fun, take pictures of school events in hopes of getting one of their pictures in the yearbook, and take part of the year's special project. At the end of the year, pictures are put on display! Also, you do NOT have to own a film or digital camera to join this club. However, if you do have a camera, please bring it in, as we have a limited supply of cameras. We'd love to have you join!

Adventure Club

The Adventure Club sponsors a variety of outdoor adventure day trips each term, including visiting interesting sites and tourist centres. Students always have great fun and learn a lot!

French Club

The French Club involves students in casual French conversation through French tables at school and screenings of French films. The club also occassionally embark on trips and special events that celebrate and give insight to the French culture.

Chess Club

The Chess Club involves students in weekly games of chess and tournaments and is a popular club among those students who enjoy a challenge and strategic games. Children who play chess from an early age tend to develop excellent memory skills Chess also helps in improving the concentration and academic results of the child.

Other clubs and activities include The Golf Club, Cadets, School Band, Sports Club, Special Music Lessons, Little Professionals Club, The Doctor's Club and The Political Analyst Club.

At CPF College Complex, there really is something for everyone!