CPF Baby House is proudly one of the very best creches in Ghana. We care for children aged from 6 months to 2 years in a safe and secure environment.

The school is open all year round and only breaks for weekends and public holidays, meaning that all year round busy parents are able to go to work without worrying about child-minders or about the safety of their children. The school also runs a 6am to 6pm schedule for those parents that need it.

For the children we have created a fun, educational environment to stimulate their minds and aid in early development. Their teachers are specially trained in looking after young children and are hand-picked for their caring nature. Our school's system is deliberately structured to be 'child centered' to ensure that our pupils enjoy their whole educational experience. Our many successful products attest to the positive impact of our school's culture.

For the best possible start for your child, choose Baby House, it's where the smart babies go!

CPF Baby House kids!


The joy of expressing one's creativity.


Developing young minds the right way!


Hello teacher! Thanks for making learning so much fun.


Getting ready for the day.


Hi, do you like my drawing? My teacher showed me!


At CPF Baby House we enjoy learning in a safe environment.


We are given the right equipment.