CPF Junior College is one of the leading Primary and Junior High Schools in Ghana. Pupils of CPF Junior College are given the best possible preparation for their BECE examinations in a school that will stimulate and challenge them. We prepare all of our pupils not only for exam success, but also how to be successful members of society and lead a Godly and rewarding life.

We admit new students from grade 1 through to JHS 3 and we provide an excellent and Godly school experience that promotes holistic student development.

Our excellence in academics, leadership and christian values that is inculcated in the students in our state of the art environment has attracted many stakeholders and parents including doctors, lawyers, Men of God, administrators, politicians and business executives, and now we are proud to say CPF Junior College is one of the leading private schools within Ghana with a unique goal of competing with excellence.

For the best possible BECE results choose CPF College Complex and compete with excellence.

Always pay attention to your teacher!

Exam preparation leads to exam success

Experiencing new things leads to growth

Sports Day. On your marks... get set.... go!!

Class excursions are a great way to learn

Class excursions are a great way to learn

Having a great time at the launch of DrN

Some students dancing at the launch of DrN