CPF Summer Classes

Summer school can be an excellent choice for your child. For children who are finding it difficult to keep up with the workload, they are a great way to catch up and improve overall performance. However, they are not just for children who are finding things a little difficult; they are one of the best ways of really building upon understanding and moving to the top of the class.

At CPF College Complex, our summer classes are carefully thought out to make sure that all of our students have a very solid foundation to their education, that they have a firm grasp of the basics in English, Mathematics and Science. At CPF College Complex, we compete with excellence and know that the view is always best from the top.

Summer School Information

Summer School at CPF College Complex begins on Tuesday 1st August, 2017 and concludes on Thursday 30th August, 2017.

The program is open to pupils of the College Complex as well as pupils from other schools, both within and outside the country.

The Summer Program is carried out in a less formal manner. Lessons are coupled with play to make it great fun.

Classes begin at 8am on each weekday and close at 2pm.